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“Wheelhouse” is the Hartmann Group employee magazine, intended for all seafarers and office employees around the globe. Twice a year, in May and November, our magazine is sent on board and distributed in our ship management and commercial management as well as in the crewing & training companies.

Wheelhouse issue 13

“Travelers & explorers” – a description which applies to each and every seafarer! This might be the reason, why the editorial team received even more articles than usual. It was a pleasure!

Wheelhouse issue 12

The word “quality” derives from the Latin „qualitas”, which means consistence or character of something. Therefore, “Quality Management” in an organization intends to ensure that a product or service is consistent.

Wheelhouse issue 11

Just in time for Christmas the topic of this edition of “Wheelhouse” is a very emotional one: “Coming home” is certainly an important phrase in a Seafarer’s life and certainly also in the lives of many of our travelling employees.

Wheelhouse issue 10

Dear Readers, “going green” is this edition’s topic, and of course there is plenty to talk and discuss about this! Certainly the shipping industry will have to face the shift to more environmental consciousness and improve its technology and practices.