Family-owned and independent

One of the biggest family-owned shipping companies worldwide.

The Hartmann Group is an independent, family-owned shipping company, operating worldwide. Our business is based on several foundations: ship owning, full technical and commercial ship management, as well as crewing and training of seafarers.

More than 5000 employees.
And about 150 vessels.

All in all, the companies of the group employ close to 5,000 employees and operate a fleet of about 150 vessels – gas carriers, product tankers, bulk carriers, pneumatic cement carriers, container ships and multi-purpose vessels. Dedicated technical, commercial and crewing management teams each focus on the Hartmann Group’s core markets, thus ensuring expert knowledge and consistently high quality standards for our customers in the individual segments.

Founded in 1981 by Capt. Alfred Hartmann, the Hartmann Group developed from a one-ship-company to a global network of maritime specialist companies. The constant growth of the group of companies necessitated the founding of a holding company: Originally founded as “Atlas AG”, the company was renamed to “Hartmann AG” in 2008, when Dr. Niels Hartmann took over the post as Chief Executive Officer.

Hartmann AG with its registered office in Leer, East Frisia, Germany, unites the companies of the Hartmann Group under one roof. It defines the Hartmann Group’s long-term goals and its strategic orientation. This comprises the coordination of investments, risk management, participation controlling, strategic personnel development and corporate communications.