We focus on slow, sustainable and healthy growth. Our objective is to ensure the success of the group for future generations. Successful long-term development has always been more important to us than a short-term maximizing of profits.

The cornerstone of our success is our adherence to the following principles:

Ship owning

As ship owners we are able to meet our customers’ demands carefully and to offer tailor-made solutions for their individual transportation needs.


Owning and operating fleets in various shipping segments leads to a wide distribution of risks and makes us less susceptible to market fluctuations.

Direct access to cargo

One of our overriding functional principles is in-house chartering. Our specialized commercial management companies provide direct access to cargo in all segments and a comprehensive knowledge of the markets.

Crewing and training

We strongly believe that recruiting our own crew and offering specific in-house training will result in the quality standards we are striving for and that our customers expect – be it on our own vessels or for those under 3rd party management.