The Hartmann Group

The Hartmann Group is an independent, family-owned shipping company, operating worldwide. Our business is based on several foundations: ship owning, full technical and commercial ship management, as well as crewing and training of seafarers.

The companies of the group control a versatile fleet of gas carriers, bulk carriers, pneumatic cement carriers, container ships and multi-purpose vessels. Dedicated technical, commercial and crewing management teams each focus on the Hartmann Group’s core markets, thus ensuring expert knowledge and consistently high quality standards for our customers in the individual segments.

Founded in 1981 by Capt. Alfred Hartmann, the Hartmann Group developed from a one-ship-company to a global network of maritime specialist companies. The constant growth of the group of companies necessitated the founding of a holding company: Originally founded as “Atlas AG”, the company was renamed to “Hartmann AG” in 2008, when Dr. Niels Hartmann took over the post as Chief Executive Officer.

Hartmann AG with its registered office in Leer, East Frisia, Germany, unites the companies of the Hartmann Group under one roof. It defines the Hartmann Group’s long-term goals and its strategic orientation. This comprises the coordination of investments, risk management, participation controlling, strategic personnel development and corporate communications.

Cornerstones of our corporate philosophy

Embracing change
Long-term cooperation
Respecting differences

We operate forward-looking and in a sustainable manner

As a family company, we focus on sustainable and healthy growth. Our objective is to ensure the success of the group for future generations. Successful long-term development has always been more important to us than a short-term maximizing of profits.

We embrace change

Prerequisite for the successful future for the Group of Companies is our willingness to change. We grasp new opportunities to further enhance and develop our performance through the transfer of knowledge and technology. The individual requirements of our customers always take pride of place.

We focus on long-term cooperation

Long-term business relations and direct contact with our customers is essential to us. We listen thoroughly, understand their needs and develop new projects jointly, in order to find the best individual solutions.

We respect differences

The maritime industry has always been a truly international business - it already practiced the concept of globalization long before the term was invented. Especially on board ships, people of different nationalities live and work together. This is why respect for the cultures and traditions of other countries is a matter of course for us. We expressly condemn ethnic, religious or any other form of discrimination.

We take responsibility

As a family company, we expressly commit ourselves to our social responsibilities. We strive to provide long-term job security and to continue to honour social commitments. 
We know that our employees are the main factor in our success. As a family business, we feel responsible for each and every one of them. We are not an anonymous concern. We are - and shall remain - a company of the Hartmann family.