Hartmann AG

Designed as a close network of largely stand-alone companies, the Hartmann Group is organized de-centrally. Our companies act independently in their daily operations, as they are highly specialized and know their markets and customers best. Hartmann AG as the holding company unites the companies of the Hartmann Group under one roof. We define the Hartmann Group’s long-term goals and its strategic orientation. This comprises the coordination of investments, risk management, participation controlling, strategic personnel development and corporate communications.

Hartmann AG has an eye for the overall view on the Hartmann Group’s performance and its activities - bundling, analyzing and utilizing data. This enables us to focus on long-term trends in the industry and develop the group’s overall strategy, for example concerning the ideal composition of the fleet.

“We are strongly convinced that setting the course towards sustainable shipping is up to us as ship owners.”

Dr. Niels Hartmann, CEO and Michael Hoppe, CFO


  • 2024

    Hartmann Holdings (Cyprus) Ltd. establishes a physical presence in Cyprus

  • 2023

    Delivery of the worlds-first LPG Dual fuel Midsize gas carrier with a semi refrigerated tank containment system.

  • 2022

    40th anniversary of the Hartmann Group

  • 2021

    Kick-off ammonia cooperation between O.C.I., MAN and Hartmann

  • 2018

    The dual-fuel engines of GasChem BELUGA and GasChem ORCA hit 10,000 hours operating on ethane

  • 2016

    Delivery of the first ethane carrier to Hartmann Reederei in Leer

  • 2015

    Alfred Hartmann elected President of the German Shipowners‘ Association (VDR) (until 2021)

  • 2013

    Opening of „Hartmann House“ in Limassol on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Intership Navigation

  • 2009

    Delivery of the first pneumatic cement carrier to Intership Navigation

  • 2008

    Dr. Niels Hartmann takes up the post as CEO of the Hartmann Group.

  • 2006

    Opening of Hartmann Shipping Asia in Singapore and hence expansion into the Asian market

  • 2003

    Delivery of the first container ship to Hartmann Reederei in Leer

  • 2001

    Founding of a holding company for the group of companies: Hartmann AG

  • 1999

    Opening of ISNTC, an in-house training centre for Filipino seafarers

  • 1990

    Establishment of GasChem Services in Hamburg, Germany; Implementing the principle of „direct access to cargo“ for the first time

  • 1988

    Establishment of Intership Navigation in Limassol, Cyprus; Entering a new market segment: bulk carriers

  • 1985

    The company moves to „Haus der Schiffahrt“ in Leer – still the headquarters of Hartmann Reederei.

  • 1984

    Delivery of the first gas tanker

  • 1982

    First voyage of the first vessel, the coaster EMS-LINER